Thursday 22 March 2012

When Musa (AS) Came To Britain...

"By no means! my Lord is with me! Soon will He guide me!" - Musa (AS)

“We have more claim to Musa than you”
- Muhammad (PBUH)

Musa (AS) did not physically come to Britain but his true message has reached Britain quite a long time ago. One of the core missions of Musa (AS) was to liberate the people from the slavery of the Pharaonic systems to the servitude of Allah. Despite his message why is it that people still remain as slaves to the modern world?

Today Muslims are the people of Musa (AS) as the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “We have more claim to Musa than you (i.e. the Jews)”. But our hearts, minds and souls are trapped and we have become slaves to our own fears as well as to the systems of our time. We have become slaves to modern ideologies, modern ways of living, modern structures and our own egos and desires as Iqbal expresses in the following poem:

“…he gives away his soul to save his body; and although the name of God is on his lips; the object of his worship is the ruler’s might; a might which is a living, growing lie and which gives birth to nothing but more lies. It is an idol which is god to you so long as you kneel down and worship it, but which falls to the ground if you stand up to it. The real God provides both life and bread, while the false god provides bread but takes life. The real God is One; this god is in a hundred bits. The One is Providence; the other is a helpless thing. The One heals gaps; the other breeds disunity. The false god teaches men to be his slaves, divesting their eyes, ears and minds of faith.”- Allamah Iqbal

The only way to liberate ourselves from this slavery is to turn to the message of Musa (AS).
The story of Musa (AS) is mentioned in the Qur'an more than any other story for a reason. But for many, the understanding of the story is very superficial - no more than how a little child would understand it whereas the insights and lessons from the story are immense. So is it not time for us to return to the deep and profound message of Musa (AS)?

The Story of Musa (AS) in The Qur'an

Lessons for The 21st Century

By Shaykh Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi

Saturday 24th March 2012 Time: 10AM - 6PM

Lady Mitchell Hall, Cambridge University


Advance/On-line Tickets: From £18 onwards

Facilities: Free parking, Crèche/Childcare, book stalls, food stalls, free 2-nights stay at the mosque

Register on-line to book your place now and save 50% or more on standard ticket price.


"Of all the scholars I have had the opportunity to study with, I have found Shaikh Akram Nadwi to be the closest, in knowledge, manners and teaching, to how I would imagine some of the great Hadith scholars of the past would have been. He has a vast knowledge of Hadith and Fiqh, a down-to-earth, humble, approachable style, and great teaching ability. His classes are not just beneficial from a learning perspective, but also to marvel at the awe-inspiring wealth of knowledge of our scholars masha Allah. His 40 volume work going through the biographies of some 8,000 women scholars of Hadith is a monumental endeavour. The mere fact of its existence can be a major talking point in discussion with Muslims and non-Muslims, and is almost a stand-alone proof of Islam's unparalleled wealth of female scholarship." - Dr Omar Mahroo, Cambridge/London

"Jazakumullah khair for the efforts of the MEOC for arranging these blessed gatherings of knowledge. The seminars I've attended so far have several elements that make them very special, starting from the choice of topics themselves which cater to the more profound needs of the people rather than addressing some superficial issues that seem to be more fashionable today. Even the content of the seminars and the manner of teaching by Shaikh Akram Nadwi are directly focussed towards developing a deeper understanding of these issues. In these seminars, one gets a glimpse of the years of learning that have gone into the brilliant scholarship of Shaikh Nadwi. Furthermore his knowledge seems to be blessed by an acute understanding of the needs of the Ummah. The seminar on the 'Legacy of Ibrahim (a.s.)' was exceptionally beautiful, wherein, the Shaikh in his own words confessed that he was attempting to transmit, not knowledge, but the state of his heart, to the others present. While the knowledge and the insight that one gains into the Qur'an, the Sunnah and the history of Muslims through these seminars is invaluable, I personally feel that these sessions are more than just one-day courses. I am inclined to call them gatherings of Remembrance of Allah, and we all know the blessings of such gatherings!" - Mohini Verma, PhD Student, Cambridge University

"Alhamdulillah I've attended 3 seminars of Sheikh Akram's so far, and Insha Allah I will keep coming back for more! He was introduced to me by my brother who attends his study circles regularly in Oxford. I loved the seminar on Women scholars in Islam, it was a total eye opener into what a Muslim woman's role in society is, which surprisingly (or not) goes against many cultiural and conventionally held notions of Muslim women. My other favourite one was the tafseer of Surat al Fatiha and the last ten surahs, I will not be exaggerating when I say that I truly found it mind blowing. Sheikh Akram is an absolute treasure trove of knowledge but Masha Allah he always carries himself with the utmost humility. I have already had a look at the list of future seminars and I think MEOC is doing a great job in giving the layman an opportunity to have an exciting insight into the world of Muslim scholarship with its choice of highly intellectual topics. Last but not least, its a great opportunity to meet new people of diverse backgrounds. Well done all of you and may Allah reward you for your efforts." - Dr Fathima Shyma Fazal, Boston, Lincolnshire

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