Wednesday 29 February 2012

Musa (AS) - The 21st Century Liberator of Muslims

The Muslim ummah - both in the East and West - is in a state of flux. We are enslaved and subjugated mentally, spiritually and also sometimes physically by our own fears as well as from forces around us. This is very similar to the state of Muslims (Bani Israel - the Children of Israel) at the time of Musa (AS). The Muslims at that time were enslaved by Pharaoh both physically and psychologically and at the same time they had such low spirits that they would not hesitate to betray their own to save their skin. There are so many parallels between the Muslims at the time of Musa (AS) and the Muslims living in the 21st Century. Today we are enslaved through politics, through economic means, through education, and through media in addition to our own lack of spirituality and greed of materialism.

No doubt reflecting on the story of Musa (AS) in the Qur'an is more pertinent today than ever before. It gives the blueprint for the true liberation of hearts and minds of the people which alone can bring about liberation from greed, tyranny, oppression and subjugation. The result will be the deep faith and the high spirits  exemplified by Rabi' ibn Aamir (RA) - the poor and under-equipped soldier of the Muslim army during the time of Umar (RA) - when the Persian general asked him "For what purpose have you come?". He said:

"Allah has sent us to bring anyone who wishes from servitude to men into the service of Allah alone, from the narrowness of this world into the vastness of this world and the Hereafter, and from the tyranny of religions into the justice of Islam”

The story of Musa (AS) is described in detail in the Qur'an. However very few can relate the story to the current conditions and take lessons from it. It is ironic that we do not even wonder why the story of Musa (AS) is repeated in the Qur'an in many different ways, more than any other story. Here is the opportunity to have an in-depth understanding of the story of Musa (AS) in the Qur'an (as you may have never done before) with deep reflections and scholarly insights from Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi.

The Story of Musa (AS) in The Qur'an
Reflections on The Story of Musa (AS) for The Current Condition of Muslims

By Shaykh Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi

Saturday 24th March 2012        Time: 10AM - 6PM

Lady Mitchell Hall, Cambridge University


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"Shaykh Mohammad Akram Nadwi is a great asset to the Muslims in the UK and his 57 volume work on al-Muhaddithaat (The Women Scholars of Islam) is no doubt going to be a lasting legacy of this great man. I had the blessed opportunity of spending a day with him recently; he is one of those few individuals who in a short period of time can change your entire thinking. May Allah bless the brothers and sisters in Cambridge and those in Oxford who organise and help the Shaykh in his works."
- Nasar Ishfaq, Manchester

"I have been to two of the CISS courses and can say with certainty that they have been inspiring to the highest degree. Shaikh Akram's style of teaching ensures that you are connected from the start, not only in terms of the relevance of the knowledge he is sharing, but also through the openness of the sessions. He not only shares the important knowledge on the topic but also encourages the questioning of all that knowledge in order to make it relevant for us in today's world. These courses have helped me to reinvigorate and renew my passion for my faith and have encouraged me to continuously seek and apply the vast knowledge there is in Islam." - Rimla Akhtar, Chairperson, Muslim Women's Sport Foundation, London

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