Monday 19 March 2012

Arab Spring or Muslim Spring?

"Revolutions and quick changes can never establish the Religion of Allah. What we are seeing today especially in the Middle-East is Allah checking the corrupt and oppressive people to ease the situation and provide space for the population. This is the Sunnah of Allah and it happens throughout the history. However this is not the real change. The real change is when people improve in their worship and obedience to Allah"
- Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi

Many Muslims are excited about the so called Arab Spring thinking that real change is going to take place within the Muslim Ummah. However the Arab Spring is no more than a part of a cycle where one group of people is checked by another group of people by Allah (SWT).

"... And if it were not for Allah checking [some] people by means of others, the earth would have been corrupted, but Allah is full of bounty to the worlds." [Qur'an 2:251]

"... And were it not that Allah checks the people, some by means of others, there would have been demolished monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques in which the name of Allah is much mentioned ..." [Qur'an 22:40]

When injustice and corruption prevail Allah checks those responsible by means of other people to ease the situation for the population so that people will have the space to think, work and worship properly. However these changes do not mean that the people have improved. The real change is when people improve in their worship and obedience to Allah, i.e. when we bring about a "Muslim Spring" within the Ummah.

How can we achieve a Muslim Spring?
This is no easy task like the Arab Spring. This is the domain of Prophets and Messengers. They all called people to the worship and obedience of Allah. The Prophet who stands out the most in this respect in the Qur'an is Musa (AS) as his story is mentioned in different ways more than any other story. So we cannot but return to the story of Musa (AS) and study it deeply if we are to achieve a Muslim Spring. So here is the opportunity to have an in-depth understanding of the story of Musa (AS) in the Qur'an (as you may have never done before) with deep reflections and scholarly insights from Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi.

The Story of Musa (AS) in The Qur'an

Lessons for The 21st Century

By Shaykh Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi

Saturday 24th March 2012 Time: 10AM - 6PM

Lady Mitchell Hall, Cambridge University


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"Alhamdulillah I've attended 3 seminars of Sheikh Akram's so far, and Insha Allah I will keep coming back for more! He was introduced to me by my brother who attends his study circles regularly in Oxford. I loved the seminar on Women scholars in Islam, it was a total eye opener into what a Muslim woman's role in society is, which surprisingly (or not) goes against many cultiural and conventionally held notions of Muslim women. My other favourite one was the tafseer of Surat al Fatiha and the last ten surahs, I will not be exaggerating when I say that I truly found it mind blowing. Sheikh Akram is an absolute treasure trove of knowledge but Masha Allah he always carries himself with the utmost humility. I have already had a look at the list of future seminars and I think MEOC is doing a great job in giving the layman an opportunity to have an exciting insight into the world of Muslim scholarship with its choice of highly intellectual topics. Last but not least, its a great opportunity to meet new people of diverse backgrounds. Well done all of you and may Allah reward you for your efforts." - Dr Fathima Shyma Fazal, Boston, Lincolnshire

"Jazakumullah khair for the efforts of the MEOC for arranging these blessed gatherings of knowledge. The seminars I've attended so far have several elements that make them very special, starting from the choice of topics themselves which cater to the more profound needs of the people rather than addressing some superficial issues that seem to be more fashionable today. Even the content of the seminars and the manner of teaching by Shaikh Akram Nadwi are directly focussed towards developing a deeper understanding of these issues. In these seminars, one gets a glimpse of the years of learning that have gone into the brilliant scholarship of Shaikh Nadwi. Furthermore his knowledge seems to be blessed by an acute understanding of the needs of the Ummah. The seminar on the 'Legacy of Ibrahim (a.s.)' was exceptionally beautiful, wherein, the Shaikh in his own words confessed that he was attempting to transmit, not knowledge, but the state of his heart, to the others present. While the knowledge and the insight that one gains into the Qur'an, the Sunnah and the history of Muslims through these seminars is invaluable, I personally feel that these sessions are more than just one-day courses. I am inclined to call them gatherings of Remembrance of Allah, and we all know the blessings of such gatherings!" - Mohini Verma, PhD Student, Cambridge University

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