Tuesday 31 May 2011

Peals of The Qur'an - Registrations Open

Exploring The Pearls of The Qur'an

Detailed Study of Al-Fatiha & The Last Ten Surahs
Their Coherence, Meaning & Universal Message

Al Fatiha and the last ten surahs are parts of the Qur’an which would be familiar to us all. Often the first surahs to be memorised and regularly recited in prayers, they are the smallest of surahs in length yet they are vast in their meaning. Al Fatiha is the Mother of the Qur’an and is a pillar of our prayer and among the last ten surahs are those which are likened to a third of the Qur’an . Each surah is perfect and complete in itself, yet it is beautifully connected with the others to form a meaningful and coherent whole. Together they give us pearls of essential knowledge and precious insights into the purpose of our lives. This seminar will explore these surahs of the Qur’an in depth, studying their magnificent words and their amazing coherence and extracting invaluable lessons to apply in our lives today. This seminar will moreover help to uplift and enrich our hearts with the words of Allah, to regain our connection with the Qur’an and to strengthen our prayers, the key to all our other good deeds. Without a doubt, the Pearls of the Qur’an is a seminar which one cannot afford to miss. 

Instructor: Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi (Oxford University)

Date: Saturday 25 June 2011   Time: 10:00AM - 6:00PM



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