Tuesday 24 May 2011

Why Aren’t As Many People Accepting Islam Today?

We are surrounded by people who would love to accept Islam if they only knew that Islam is the truth and that it would benefit them in this world and the next. However most Muslims nowadays do not have much of an idea on how to convey this message in an effective way that people are more likely to understand and accept. The problem is aggravated by the confusion created by the conflicting claims of various Muslim groups that their way of telling people about Islam or Dawah is better than any other way.

But is there a more definitive method of Dawah that is simple, effective and universal? Fortunately there is in the example of Ibrahim (AS). The Dawah of Ibrahim (AS) touches the core of human soul in its need to connect with The Divine. Thus it is universal because it is the same need that is felt by each and every human soul whether that human lived in an Arabian desert millions of years ago or they lived in a posh suburb of London in the 21st century. Secondly it is so effective because it directly addresses the deeper needs of the human soul, fulfilment of which overshadows every other human need. Thirdly, it is so simple that each and every Muslim can easily learn and apply the principles of his Dawah. Of course all of the Prophets and Messenger were more or less engaged in the same Dawah but never is this method of Dawah so emphasised and elaborated as in the case of Ibrahim (AS). No doubt this is so because he is an Imaam (leader/example) over whole of humankind until the Day of Judgement (Qur'an 2:124) and people need to know his example to follow. Furthermore our Prophet Muhammad and the rest of the Muslims are explicitly commanded by Allah in the Qur'an to follow the way (millah) and example of Prophet Ibrahim (Qur'an 3:95, 60:4).

So what are the secrets of the Dawah of Ibrahim (AS)?

This is your opportunity to explore these and many other important issues in this amazing first-of-its-kind seminar by Shaykh Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi titled Legacy of Ibrahim - The Universal Model for Individuals, Families and Nations on Saturday 28th May 2011. Please invite your non-Muslims friends and colleagues as guests.

Legacy of Ibrahim - The Universal Model for Individuals, Families & Nations

Instructor: Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi (Oxford University)

Date: Saturday 28th May 2011      Time: 10:00AM - 6:00PM

Venue: Emmanuel United Reformed Church     

Free Parking: Cambridge University

Facilities & Features: crèche/childcare, free 2 nights accommodation for travellers

Special Offers: Buy One Get One Free, Group of 5 Discount, Scholarships, Free Non-Muslim Friend Pass


"The sincerity and piety of sheikh Akram Nadawi was a great source of inspiration for me. His great knowledge was beautifully expressed masha' Allah in a very simple way that touches everyone in the audience regardless of their marital status. I came along with a friend who is a new Muslim not intending to attend all sessions, but we ended up there all day. The emphasis on the importance of the family, how simple are Islamic rules, the distinction between our cultural heritage and the true message of Islam and his openness to answer all audience questions, in my opinion were the reasons behind the great success of the session yesterday. It was a great honour for me to attend yesterday's session and I thank Allah for giving me the unique chance to attend a session by a great a scholar to guide me through out my marriage-life." - Mona ElQazzaz, PhD Student, Cambridge University

"It was a very informative day with everyone I was introduced to or spoke to being kind and helpful. I was warmly welcomed and felt "at home" right away as it appears were all the visitors who were not of Islamic faith. Questions were answered in a loving way so as not to make me feel that it was a "silly thing" to be asking about, as sometimes happens in this type of situation. I was very grateful to be introduced to some of the ladies who had converted to Islam from either another or no faith. That way I was able to see that these people were not just following the faith of their parents or the faith of the home they had grown up in. It also meant these people had probably, at some stage, had the same sort of questions that I had. To have the opportunity to purchase books etc. was lovely. It was a wonderful feeling to come away with my purchases and my notes I had taken (information overload, probably describes how my mind was feeling!!) to meditate on. I look forward to speaking to someone in the near future about my questions from the day and additional ones I have since reading the books. Thanks once again for a lovely experience." - Dianne Holt, Cambridge

More Testimonials: http://courses.meoc.org.uk/p/testimonials.html


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