Sunday 12 June 2011

How To Study The Entire Qur'an In One Day?

Isn't this an impossible task? Doesn't the Qur'an take a lifetime of study? The answer to both these questions is "yes" and "no".

The Qur'an is an amazing book and it can be studied at different levels from just studying the literal (or superficial) meanings of the words from a translation to an in-depth multidisciplinary study of a single ayah for many decades. No doubt even studying the meanings from a translation can be very beneficial although this would take quite a long time to complete. But is there a way to have an in-depth overall understanding of the entire Qur'an in just one day?

Fortunately there is because we have been given a short yet powerful introduction to the entire Qur'an in just seven verses in Surah Al-Fatiha. Whoever studies these seven verses in-depth will have the key to understanding the entire Qur'an in detail. The Prophet (SAW) called Al-Fatiha "Umm Al-Qur'an" or "The Mother of The Qur'an" indicating that the crux of Qur'an is contained in Al-Fatiha (and that the rest of Qur'an is a detailed explanation of it). This is the reasons why Al-Fatiha is included right in the beginning of the Qur'an although all the other shorter surahs are at the end. This is the the same reason why Al-Fatiha has been made compulsory reading in every Prayer (salah) while none of the other surahs are not. This is also the reason why Al-Fatiha has a different structure and format to it than the other surahs. There is no other surah more important to study in detail than Surah Al Fatiha - the key to the entire Qur'an.

Now this your opportunity to take up this first-of-its-kind one-day seminar by Shaykh Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi on the detailed study of Al-Fatiha probably as has never been done before (in this part of the world), InshaAllah. You will be amazed to see the layers of complexity, subtlety and detail in such a seemingly simple looking surah with only seven verses. In addition to Surah Fathiha you will also study the "Summary of the Qur'an" which is contained in the last few short surahs. Thereby completing the study of the key to entire Qu'ran in just one day.

Exploring The Pearls of The Qur'an 
Detailed Study of Al-Fatiha & The Last Ten Surahs - Their Coherence, Meaning & Universal Message

Instructor: Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi (Oxford University)

Date: Saturday 25th June 2011      Time: 10:00AM - 6:00PM

Venue: Cambridge University - Lady Mitchell Hall - Sidgwick Site

Facilities & Features: crèche/childcare, free 2 nights accommodation for travellers, free parking

Special Offers: Buy One Get One Free, Group of 5 Discount, Scholarships, Free Non-Muslim Friend Pass


"If you only had the time and resources to attend just one seminar on Qur'an then this is definitely the one to attend. It will change your attitude to the Qur'an like never before and will transform your Prayer to amazing new heights. So how can you afford to miss this one? Put all your distracting thoughts aside and register now without delay"

These are some of the testimonials from the previous seminars...

"The sheikh explained with such elegant simplicity the duties and rights of wife and husband, and even of children.  The fact that he stressed the Islamic responsibilities helped cast away many of the cultural shackles that often imprison Muslims in less than pleasant marriages.  If everyone took this course before they got married, they would truly appreciate their spouses all the greater, and they would be better Muslims for doing so, raising stronger families.  This would then reflect itself in the state of our Ummah. I also enjoyed the wisdom with which he regarded divorce. A solution provided by Allah, so that no one becomes an oppressor....MashaAllah, beautiful!" - Sarah Elgazzar, Cambridge

"The course by Shaykh Nadwi lived up to its billing and the course splendidly drove home just how crucial and relevant lessons from Ibrahim’s (as) life are to us today. Ibrahim's (as) life is not covered enough in Muslim circles or public discourse, which made the course very interesting. The stories of Ibrahim (as) particularly that of him and his two sons Ismail and Ishaq (as) are endlessly rich and fruitful and understanding them will go a long way in helping us make some sense of our reality. Shaykh Nadwi mashAllah demonstrated in-depth knowledge of Ibrahim's (as) story as narrated in the Quran and also the Biblical account as he taught us the Abrahamic foundations. His passion and the layout of the course were engaging and I left with a strong attachment to the 'intellectual & moral courage' of Ibrahim (as); a principle myself and every Muslim should be implementing in our lives.JazakAllahu Khair" - Mohamed Abdalla, Cambridge

"I want to thank your organisation for arranging these series of lectures by Dr Nadwi. I have attended many of these lectures and have found them immensely enlightening. Dr Nadwi is a rare scholar of our times and although he is knowledgeable enough to talk at length on issues of philosophy, literacy or poetry, he is always keen to emphasise the practical implications of his teachings - that Islam in essence is a religion to be practiced with real actions and not confined to theory written in textbooks. MEOC has done an excellent job in the way they have taken care of all the details required of organising such events. I pray that Allah rewards all those involved in all aspects of these courses." - Dr Atiqul Baree, Portsmouth

"Jazakumullah khair for the efforts of the MEOC for arranging these blessed gatherings of knowledge. The seminars I've attended so far have several elements that make them very special, starting from the choice of topics themselves which cater to the more profound needs of the people rather than addressing some superficial issues that seem to be more fashionable today. Even the content of the seminars and the manner of teaching by Shaikh Akram Nadwi are directly focussed towards developing a deeper understanding of these issues. In these seminars, one gets a glimpse of the years of learning that have gone into the brilliant scholarship of Shaikh Nadwi. Furthermore his knowledge seems to be blessed by an acute understanding of the needs of the Ummah. The seminar on the 'Legacy of Ibrahim (a.s.)' was exceptionally beautiful, wherein, the Shaikh in his own words confessed that he was attempting to transmit, not knowledge, but the state of his heart, to the others present. While the knowledge and the insight that one gains into the Qur'an, the Sunnah and the history of Muslims through these seminars is invaluable, I personally feel that these sessions are more than just one-day courses. I am inclined to call them gatherings of Remembrance of Allah, and we all know the blessings of such gatherings!" - Mohini Verma, PhD Student, Cambridge University

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