Wednesday 25 May 2011

Sunnah of The Prophet (SAW) and Shari'ah Has No Meaning Unless...

"The Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has no meaning unless connected to the Millah of Ibrahim (AS)" - Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi

Strange as it may seem Ibrahim (AS) takes a central position in the life of every Muslim, sometimes more so than our own Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The daily prayers (salaat) sometimes starts with the dua' (supplication) of Ibrahim (AS) and ends with salawaat (invoking blessings) upon him and his family. The whole of Hajj is connected with Ibrahim (AS) and his family. But more importantly Allah constantly tells us in the Qur'an to follow the Millah of Ibrahim (AS) while no other Prophet or Messenger is mentioned in that way.

<<And who would be averse to the Millah of Ibrahim except one who makes a fool of himself. And We had chosen him in this world, and indeed he, in the Hereafter, will be among the righteous.>> [Qur'an 2:30]

<< And who is better in religion than one who submits himself to Allah while being a doer of good and follows the Millah of Ibrahim, inclining toward truth? And Allah took Ibrahim as an intimate friend.>> [Qur'an 4:125]

<<Then We revealed to you, [O Muhammad], to follow the Millah of Ibrahim, inclining toward truth; and he was not of those who associate with Allah.>> [Qur'an 16:123]

Not only the ordinary people but even the greatest of human beings - Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - has been ordered to follow the Millah of Ibrahim (AS).

So what is special about Ibrahim (AS) and more importantly what actually is the Millah of Ibrahim (AS)? Why are the teachings and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) have no meaning unless connected to the Millah of Ibrahim (AS)?

This is your opportunity to explore these and many other important issues in detail in this amazing first-of-its-kind seminar by Shaykh Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi titled Legacy of Ibrahim - The Universal Model for Individuals, Families and Nations this Saturday.

Legacy of Ibrahim - The Universal Model for Individuals, Families & Nations

Instructor: Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi (Oxford University)

Date: Saturday 28th May 2011      Time: 10:00AM - 6:00PM

Venue: Emmanuel United Reformed Church, Cambridge    Free Parking: Cambridge University

Facilities & Features: crèche/childcare, free 2 nights accommodation for travellers

Special Offers: Buy One Get One Free, Group of 5 Discount, Scholarships, Free Non-Muslim Friend Pass

Restricted Venue - Only A Few More Places Available


"The course was extremely well organised and expertly delivered. What I find most impressive about Shaykh Akram Nadwi is not only the astounding depth and breadth of sacred knowledge that he possesses, but also his awe-inspiring humility. When sitting in one of his lectures, it becomes clear very early on that you are in the company of a scholar of great rank. The series of structured and high quality seminars fills a long unfulfilled niche here in Cambridge and so the community is very much indebted both to the shaykh and you, the organisers, for providing us with such a great and regular blessing. JazakumAllah kheiran." - Yassar Mustafa, Medical Student, Cambridge University

"Many thanks for organising the course yesterday; I just wanted to say how impressive it was and how much of a boost it is to the community to know that we have such a blessing amongst us on an insha-Allah regular basis." - Dr Mohsin Badat, Cambridge

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