Thursday 16 June 2011

How To Think Through The Qur'an?

"Allah has given us various faculties for various purposes - for example eyes to see, ears to hear and mouth to speak. Allah has also given us a mind to think. But unfortunately many people do not think or worse they want other people to think for them in both worldly matters and religious matters. This is a serious abuse of the blessing that Allah has given us." - Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi

Muslims are supposed to be thinkers! One of the greatest thinkers in the history of mankind is our father Ibrahim (AS) who our own Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his followers have been commanded to emulate. The whole of the story of Ibrahim (AS) - from his childhood to old age - is about his quest to think and to search for answers. So deep is his thinking that he asked Allah the ultimate question of how He resurrects the dead because he wanted to understand to strengthen and satisfy his conviction. This is the powerful example of the beloved of Allah -
Khalilullah - who used the mind the way it should be used. On the contrary people are misguided and misled because they do not use their mind to think. <<And they shall say: Had we but listened or pondered (used the mind or 'aql), we should not have been among the inmates of the burning fire.>> [Qur'an 67:10]

The whole of the Qur'an urges humankind to think, to understand, to reflect, to explore, to ponder and to use their intelligence. It also teaches us how to do that. So there is no better way to develop the use of our mind than to use the Qur'an itself.
<<(This is) a Scripture that We have revealed unto thee, full of blessing, that they may ponder its revelations, and that people of understanding may reflect.>> [Qur'an 38:29].  <<Then do they not reflect upon the Qur'an? If it had been from [any] other than Allah , they would have found within it much contradiction.>> [Qur'an 4:82]

So how do you do this? This is your opportunity to learn how to think for yourself using the most fundamental part of the Qur'an - Surah Al-Fatiha along with the last few surahs. You will discover the amazing depth and the breadth of these short surahs along with the secrets of how to arrive at this level of understanding in this first-of-its-kind one-day seminar by Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi. This is not something to be missed if you are serious about using your mind upon the way of Ibrahim (AS) as you will not find these in books of Tafsir. This is something that is transmitted and developed through chains of scholars.

Exploring The Pearls of The Qur'an 
Detailed Study of Al-Fatiha & The Last Ten Surahs - Their Coherence, Meaning & Universal Message

Instructor: Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi (Oxford University)

Date: Saturday 25th June 2011      Time: 10:00AM - 6:00PM

Venue: Cambridge University - Lady Mitchell Hall - Sidgwick Site

Facilities & Features: crèche/childcare, free 2 nights accommodation for travellers, free parking

Special Offers: Buy One Get One Free, Group of 5 Discount, Scholarships, Free Non-Muslim Friend Pass


"Jazak'Allah khair for a fabulous seminar. I truly enjoyed it and it was very much worth the trek from London to Cambridge"  - Antti Kangaslahti, London

"The Fiqh of Love was the most amazing Islamic seminar I have ever attended. I have told all my friends and family about Sheikh Nadwi and his inspiring talk. All in all, I want to say that everything was brilliant. The food arrangements, prayer arrangements, book stall...everything. Thank you so much for making it a possibility" - Anosha Saleem, LLM Student, Cambridge University

"The course was simply amazing, it was a lot of information to take in but was definitely worthwhile. As for Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi, words cannot serve justice for explaining how humble yet knowledgeable he is. Alhamdulillah I went with my whole family and intend to attend all of his future courses InshaAllah"  - Rahee Ahmed, Law Student, Kent University

"Of all the scholars I have had the opportunity to study with, I have found Shaikh Akram Nadwi to be the closest, in knowledge, manners and teaching, to how I would imagine some of the great Hadith scholars of the past would have been. He has a vast knowledge of Qur'an, Hadith and Fiqh, a down-to-earth, humble, approachable style, and great teaching ability. His classes are not just beneficial from a learning perspective, but also to marvel at the awe-inspiring wealth of knowledge of our scholars masha Allah. His 40 volume work going through the biographies of some 8,000 women scholars of Hadith is a monumental endeavour. The mere fact of its existence can be a major talking point in discussion with Muslims and non-Muslims, and is almost a stand-alone proof of Islam's unparalleled wealth of female scholarship." - Dr Omar Mahroo, Cambridge/London

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