Saturday 5 April 2014

[Classical Text Diploma] The Deception of the Maqasid (Purpose) of Shari'ah

al Muwāfaqāt fī Uṣūl al Sharī'a | Abu Isḥāq al-Shāțibī

"This is the first comprehensive and coherent exposition of the objectives of Shari`ah. We will give a detailed introduction to this work and explain its contemporary relevance, how it has been misread in some respects by many Muslims (and non-Muslims), with emphasis on recent misunderstanding and misapplication of the concept of maqasid." - Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi [Introduction to Classical Islamic Texts Diploma]

al Muwāfaqāt fī Uṣūl al Sharī'a Introduction:


What are the students saying.....

“I have been studying the Islamic sciences via online courses for years (as we don't have any traditionally trained scholars in my city) and am hoping this unique programme will be the first step in on a steady road towards becoming an Islamic scholar, so that I may benefit the Muslims of Denmark, in sha' Allah.” -  Said Allan Bak, Odense, Denmark

This Diploma programme is suitable for anyone interested in the classical Islamic texts. Please enrol now and join a community of hundreds of students from over 50 cities across the world. 

Two new satellite cities added: Bradford, UK and Dallas Texas, USA

Diploma in Introduction to Classical Islamic Texts

By Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi

Historic One-Year Diploma Programme

16 Classical Islamic Texts Covered in 20 Classes from April 2014 to March 2015

24-Page Diploma Brochure:

What Will You Gain From The Diploma:


Primary Location: Queen Mary University of London

Satellite Locations: Cambridge, Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford and Dallas (Texas, USA)

Online Worldwide: Live & Recorded Access

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