Thursday 25 October 2012

The Inevitable Reality - Al-Haaqqah


Surah Al-Haaqqah and Al-Ma’aarij are the third and fourth Surahs following on from Surah Al-Mulk (dealing with At-Tawheed and Al-’Uboodiyyah - servitude to Allah) and Surah Al-Qalam (dealing with Al-Risalah - Prophethood). Surah Al-Haaqqah and Al-Ma’aarij deal with the third major theme of the Qur’an which is Al-Akhirah - the Hereafter. The Makkans used to deny the Hereafter like the majority of people do today. Therefore these surahs draw attention to the fate in this world of earlier people who denied the Day of Judgement before them as well as the consequences they face in the Hereafter itself. These Surahs are so relevant for the modern materialistic context as people do not see beyond what is physically visible in front of them. The use of the language and argument presented in the Surahs go deep into the hearts of people such that they simply cannot ignore them. Unfortunately, Muslims themselves have become very materialistic, losing their spirituality. Therefore these are Surahs that can not only shake non-Muslims but Muslims alike to remind them of the purpose of this life and the Inevitable Reality - the day of judgement and the life after. This is amazingly powerful.

The Magnificent Journey 

An Amazing Journey Through The Last Two Parts (Juzz Tabaarak and Juzz 'Amma) of the Qur'an, From Surah Al-Mulk to Surah An-Naas, by one of the foremost Islamic Scholars and Thinkers of the Western World today

The Inevitable Reality - Surah Al-Haaqqah and Al-Ma'arij

By Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi (Oxford University)

Saturday 17th November 2012     Time: 10AM - 6PM

Venue: Cambridge University and Online   << Click Here To Register

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