Saturday 3 September 2011

Children's Behavioural Problems - Why Is It So Common?

A sinister cocktail of junk food, marketing, over-competitive schooling and electronic entertainment is poisoning childhood, a powerful lobby of academics and children's experts says today. In a letter to The Daily Telegraph, 110 teachers, psychologists, children's authors and other experts call on the Government to act to prevent the death of childhood. They write: "We are deeply concerned at the escalating incidence of childhood depression and children's behavioural and developmental conditions."  [Full article at:]

Read the open letter by professionals and academics to the government at:

The conditions surrounding modern childhood affects every child, every family and every parent. However many parents and adults interested in the welfare of the children do not realise this until at a later stage of the development of the child when it may be too late to do much about it. There is widespread lack of awareness of what is good and what is bad for the healthy development of a child. Instead of helping the child grow up bright, balanced and confident to reach their full potential, parents, teachers and other adults inhibit their healthy growth (by means they think are in the interest of the child) resulting in childhood depression and other behavioural problems. This dilemma is faced by both Muslim and Non-Muslim families alike.

Raising bright, balanced and confident boys and girls in the 21st century is a real challenge. The first step towards overcoming this challenge is to gain awareness of the modern conditions that affect childhood development and then to know what we can do about it. Many academics and professionals have had this knowledge for quite sometime but it is about time that every family, every parent and every teacher get to know this because it is only they who could bring about a positive change.

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