Tuesday 15 February 2011

Romance & Intimacy - What is The Prophetic Guidance?

"I have been to two of the CISS courses and can say with certainty that they have been inspiring to the highest degree. Shaikh Akram's style of teaching ensures that you are connected from the start, not only in terms of the relevance of the knowledge he is sharing, but also through the openness of the sessions. He not only shares the important knowledge on the topic but also encourages the questioning of all that knowledge in order to make it relevant for us in today's world. These courses have helped me to reinvigorate and renew my passion for my faith and have encouraged me to continuously seek and apply the vast knowledge there is in Islam." - Rimla Akhtar, London [Chairperson, Muslim Women's Sport Foundation]

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Romance & Intimacy - What is The Prophetic Guidance?
Unravel your confusions and dispel your myths with the amazing FIQH OF LOVE - MARRIAGE & FAMILY IN ISLAM Seminar by Shaykh Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi on Saturday 19th February 2011 in Cambridge. It is an unmissable seminar for those married and those yet to get married - both old and young (including teenagers). Limited places available.

You can bring your teenage child for only half the price.
"This is a seminar that you will thank yourself for the rest of your life for attending, InshaAllah. Highly Recommended"

Register at: http://courses.meoc.org.uk/p/register.html

Facilities and features include Free Two Nights Accommodation for travellers, Group of Five Discount and full day Childcare/Crèche Facilities for families with children. The seminars are held at the prestigious Cambridge University. Cambridge is only 50 minutes drive from East London, 75 minutes from West London and 45 minutes by train from London Kings Cross. Free all day parking provided.


Register at: http://courses.meoc.org.uk/p/register.html

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