Friday 18 February 2011

"Marriage is Half of Your Religion" - How To Reach Your Lord Through Your Marriage?

"Marriage is Half of Your Religion..." (Hadith)

“Marriage is my Sunnah. He who shuns my Sunnah is not of me.”

How To Reach Your Lord Through Your Marriage?
Register today for exploring and understanding the spiritual dimensions of marriage through the amazing FIQH OF LOVE - MARRIAGE & FAMILY IN ISLAM Seminar by Shaykh Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi this Saturday 19th February 2011 in Cambridge. It is an unmissable seminar for those married and those yet to get married - both old and young (including teenagers). Limited places available.

"I want to thank your organisation for arranging these series of lectures by Dr Nadwi. I have attended two of these lectures and have found them immensely enlightening. Dr Nadwi is a rare scholar of our times and although he is knowledgeable enough to talk at length on issues of philosophy, literacy or poetry, he is always keen to emphasise the practical implications of his teachings - that Islam in essence is a religion to be practised with real actions and not confined to theory written in textbooks. MEOC has done an excellent job in the way they have taken care of all the details required of organising such events. I pray that Allah rewards all those involved in all aspects of these courses." - Dr Atiqul Baree, Portsmouth

More **New** Testimonials:
You can bring your teenage child for only half the price.
"This is a seminar that you will thank yourself for the rest of your life for attending, InshaAllah. Highly Recommended"

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Facilities and features include Free Two Nights Accommodation for travellers, Group of Five Discount and full day Childcare/Crèche Facilities for families with children. The seminars are held at the prestigious Cambridge University. Cambridge is only 50 minutes drive from East London, 75 minutes from West London and 45 minutes by train from London Kings Cross. Free all day parking provided.


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