Thursday 12 December 2013

Islamic Entertainment - A Myth or A Reality?

Today the popular entertainment industry is at its peak. We have also joined the bandwagon to create an "Islamic" or "Halal" entertainment industry. These include TV channels, movies, cartoons, concerts, nasheeds, comedy shows, talk shows, fashion events, shopping events, news, theme parks, entertaining seminars and amusing talks. The common answer given when asked about this is that "we need an alternative". But many of us fail to ask the all important questions 1. "Why do we need an alternative?" and 2. "Who said that we need an alternative?". Furthermore one may also ask "Are these so called alternatives really different to their popular counterparts?" and "Are the underlying philosophies of both the same or different?".

No doubt these are difficult and deep questions that many would not dare to ask. However if we are concerned about our spiritual and psychological well being and the well being of our future generations then it is important that we ask these question and find the answers to them. The seminar coming up this Saturday by Shaykh Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi, one of the foremost scholars and thinkers of the Western world, will touch upon these deep questions and offer practical solutions for individuals, families and communities. The first of its kind in the UK. Please book your place now.

Cambridge Islamic Sciences Seminars London Presents
Recreation, Leisure & Entertainment
The Islamic Perspective

By Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi (Oxford)

A full-day seminar on the concepts of recreation and leisure in Islam and the Islamic view on modern day phenomena such as music, entertainment, television, movies, games, sports, “weekends”, holidays, shopping, fashion, socialising and celebrations.

When: Saturday 14th December 2013     Time: 9.30AM - 6PM

Venue: Queen Mary, University of London, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS

Online: Worldwide - Live & Recorded Access

This Seminar Covers:

  • The meaning and purpose of recreation & leisure in the modern world
  • The meaning and purpose of recreation & leisure in Islam
  • The value of time
  • The need for rest and relaxation
  • Prophetic advice on recreation & leisure
  • Recreation & leisure at the time of the Prophet (SAW) and companions
  • The history and evolution of “Islamic Entertainment”
  • The status of “Islamic Entertainment” today
  • Advice on recreation & leisure for men, women and children
Features: Course notes, crèche/childcare, refreshments, free parking

Special Offer: Early Bird Ticket & Student Ticket


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