Wednesday 26 June 2013

Surah Yusuf - What Is In It For Me?

The early-bird discount for the up-coming 2-day Ramadhan seminar is ending soon. Please book your place now. The power and strength derived from this Surah is equally applicable to a young Muslim living in this modern society as it was to a great classical scholar.

Imam Ibn Al-Jawzi wrote in Saydul Khatir:

<<Once a situation compelled me to be associated with a matter that is not Islamic. My mind gave me a lot of excuses and tried to hide the sin in it from me. But, it was indeed not Islamic. I prayed to Allah and sought His help to resolve the issue. I took the Qur'an and started reading it as I had to teach Surah Yusuf on that day. When Zulekah invited Yusuf (may peace be upon him) to the ugly act, he said: “I seek refuge in Allah. Indeed, He is my Master, who has made good my residence”. I was shocked when I read this verse. I woke up all of a sudden. The veil was removed from my mind. Yusuf (AS) was a free man, but was brought to slavery forcefully. Still he recognizes the favour and calls the one who favoured him his master. I then told my mind: “Now you think, in reality you are a slave. Your Master has been helping you since your birth. He gave you a healthy body, a protective religion and many capabilities. You can never count His blessings on you. How insulting is it then to act against His commands”.>>

This is only one example of how one can learn from Surah Yusuf. Containing the best of stories, narrated by the Creator of the all the worlds, the story of Yusuf (AS) is the story of life with invaluable lessons for every one of us.

Coming up this Ramadan is a detailed explanation of Surah Yusuf by Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi, an expert of Hadith and Tafsir and one of the foremost scholars and thinkers of the Western world. This is an unmissable seminar for everyone, young and old, men and women, students and scholars....

Surah Yusuf - The Best of Stories at The Best of Times
Including Principles of Understanding The Qur'an

Ramadan Ijaza Weekend London Seminar

By Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi (Oxford)

Date: Weekend 27-28 July 2013 | Time: 9.30AM - 6.30PM

Venue: Edmonton Islamic Centre London + Live Online Worldwide

Overnight accommodation (for men and women) and crèche facilities available.Limited seats - previous London seminar attracted over 200 people.

35% early bird discount and 50% student discount.

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A unique opportunity to study the amazing story of Yusuf (AS) this Ramadan whilst also learning the principles of understanding the Qur'an with an extraordinary scholar & teacher of our time, plus Ijaza for each student linking them to the Prophet (SAW) for listening to the recitation of certain parts of the Qur'an.

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