Thursday 4 April 2013

Hadith, Doubt and Orientalism - What is the Reality?

Doubt has been cast upon the corpus of Hadith by many orientalists as well as some (modernist) Muslims. It is not uncommon to hear that "the Hadith were only written down over 300 years after the death of the Prophet (SAW) so they are not reliable". Unfortunately, many well-intentioned Muslims also fall into this type of thinking because they have no real idea or understanding of the history of Hadith and the sophisticated methods of verifying and preserving Hadith - both in text and in meaning. The science of Hadith is truly one of the most advanced and highly developed sciences in the history of mankind. Yet many of us are confused because we are unaware of this science and we do not understand the technicalities of the subject.

"There is a reason why, when you read a very technical text, you don’t understand it. Even if most of the words used are words you are familiar with, even if the words are arranged in ways that are familiar to you, there are enough technical words in the text to make the matter of it incomprehensible. Those specialised, technical words do not connect with anything, they do not refer to anything, known to you in your world.If this technical text happens to be an instruction about what to do, or if it is an explanation of how something works so that you can use that thing properly, then somebody will have to explain any technical terms in the text. After that, there is a chance that you may follow the instruction correctly, or make the thing work properly. But if you have a teacher who both speaks and gives you a practical demonstration, the chance is much stronger that you will get the matter right" - Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi (From the Introduction to the Forty Hadith)

There is no doubt that the main reason why people cast doubt upon the Hadith is because they have learnt or heard things from improper sources. Even if one does not actually doubt the Hadith, they may have found themselves in situations where they could not defend the Hadith when it has been attacked. There are also situations where people may think some Hadith to be irrational when they are not. All these situations arise from a lack of correct understanding on the subject.

The seminar coming up this weekend is on the Forty Hadith of Imam an Nawawi. In addition to going through the fascinating details of the meaning and explanation of the entire collection of 42 Hadith, Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi, a Muhaddith of the highest calibre, will also be demonstrating the reality of misinformation and misunderstanding of Hadith in a practical way through selected examples from the Forty Hadith.

A unique and priceless opportunity to learn straight from a Muhaddith some of the most important Hadith of the Prophet (SAW), and to also gain a clear understanding of the amazing science behind the collection, preservation and study of Hadith.  Only one day to go for this spiritually uplifting and intellectually liberating weekend seminar - please sign up immediately.

Cambridge Islamic Sciences Seminars LONDON Presents
Forty Hadith of Imam An-Nawawi with Ijazah
A unique opportunity to study this essential hadith collection with an extraordinary muhaddith and teacher of our time with Ijazah linking to The Prophet (SAW)

London Special Weekend Seminar with Live Worldwide Online Access

Teacher: Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi (Oxford)

Date: Saturday and Sunday 6-7 April 2013   Time: 9:30AM - 7:00PM

Venue: Edmonton Islamic Centre, London + Live Online Web Access


Features: Onsite accommodation for both brothers and sisters (if required) , crèche facilities, free whole-day parking and refreshments.

The Forty Hadith of Imam Nawawi is a classical and timeless collection of the most important traditions of the Prophet (SAW) giving the essence of Eeman and Islam. It has always been considered an essential text for every student of knowledge as the understanding of these ahadith is fundamental to the belief and practice of a Muslim. This special weekend seminar on the Forty Hadith provides a unique and unmissable opportunity to study this important collection in the ideal, traditional way - with the guidance of an extraordinary teacher, true scholar and Muhaddith (an expert of Hadith) of our time, who has devoted many years to the study and research of hadith. Every student will receive a signed certificate and Ijazah from Shaykh Akram for the Forty Hadith and hadith musalsal bil-awwaliyyah linking them to the Prophet (SAW).

Bonus Sessions: Brothers and sisters who stay the night will also benefit from the extended company of Shaykh Mohammad Akram Nadwi and hear some special advice on how to manage our time and balance our lives successfully between learning & implementing beneficial knowledge and meeting our other day-to-day needs.

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