Wednesday 20 March 2013

English Defence League (EDL) in Makkah?

This statement may come as a surprise for many but the situation in Makkah at the time of the Prophet (SAW) was far worse than any confrontation the EDL may have had with the Prophet (SAW) and the his companions in Makkah. The Prophet (SAW) had to deal with the extremely hostile "Quraysh Defence League" (QDL) which undertook a ruthless propaganda campaign against the Prophet (SAW), his message and the believers. The situation today in the UK is not at all similar to how it was in Makkah. However there are elements within the society who seem to be inspired by the QDL. One such group is the English Defence League which appears to have taken the hatred of Islam as the core of its ideology. Others include new-atheist and some evangelical groups.

No matter how persistent the QDL was, it failed to distract and derail the mission of the believers. On the contrary, they went into oblivion. But today, even the slightest appearance or propaganda from the EDL seems to really distract us. This is not surprising at all as the early believers followed the guidance that was sent by Allah (SWT) to deal with the situation. Whereas we have no clue whatsoever whether that guidance even exists let alone how we can apply that guidance. Then we look for inspiration elsewhere like any other community would do. This is when we need stop and think.

Surah Al-Muzzammil is an early Makkan surah revealed to the Prophet (SAW) to give strength to his mission. One of the main aspects of this surah is how to deal with hostile elements within the society. 

<<You [Prophet], enfolded in your cloak! Stay up throughout the night, all but a small part of it, half, or a little less, or a little more; recite the Qur'an slowly and distinctly: We shall send a momentous message down to you. Night prayer makes a deeper impression and sharpens words–– you are kept busy for long periods of the day–– so celebrate the name of your Lord and devote yourself wholeheartedly to Him. He is Lord of the east and west, there is no god but Him, so take Him as your Protector, patiently endure what they say, ignore them politely, and leave to Me those who deny the truth and live in luxury. Bear with them for a little while.>> [Surah Al-Muzzammil 73:1-11]

There is such deep meaning and guidance in this surah for every Muslim society and individual on how to conduct themselves in the face of opposition and hostility. The seminar coming up on Saturday by Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi is a must for every one of us living in this society.

Surah Al-Muzzammil (The Enfolded)
The Blueprint For Every Muslim
The Magnificent Journey Seminar Series

By Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi (Oxford)

Date: Saturday 23rd March 2013      Time: 9:30AM - 6:00PM

Venue: Cambridge University and Live Online Web Access


"The Magnificent Journey continues... Today's seminar was yet another awesome seminar in the series with exceptional crowd and amazing insights from Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi. This is truly a historic seminar series on the explanation of The Quran and is redefining our understanding and relationship with the Book of ALLAH. The emphasise of Dr Nadwi on establishing our connection with ALLAH and utilising the space given to us for recognising one God, is the key highlight of these seminars. Each seminar begins by strongly negating the wrong practises which have been introduced in the true teachings of worshipping one ALLAH and then builds on it by inviting us to ponder on the sings of ALLAH and get closer to our Rabb. Truly inspiring series, I would strongly recommend everybody including men, women and families to attend the Magnificent Journey Seminars as these are life changing and truly install this urge of loving the Book of ALLAH. The subtle nuances of the language which make the Qur'an such a powerful speech are beautifully explained by Dr Akram Nadwi in a nice balanced way keeping the things simple and interesting at the same time. His tremendous scholarships of Hadith literature and exceptional skills of Arabic language make this series a unique experience and a historic event in the city of Cambridge." - Awais Ahmed Awan, Cambridge

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"Jazakumullahu khayran. I can't thank you enough for the opportunity. I am so impressed by the Sheikh, subhanallah, mashaAllah. A very rare example of tradition fused with awareness of the environment and reality while not compromising God consciousness. If only there were more like him. Questions, I'm so glad we can ask them even if it's not about the sura. Yes, how else are we to learn from his wisdom and experience if we don't ask? The issues facing Muslims in the West are so many and so confusing and I just love the fact that he does not have an inferiority complex about Islam. It's really sad to see psychologically defeated scholars start throwing away tradition in the name of progress and fitting in. Sheikh Akram Nadwi gives you the sense that the real life is in the hereafter so don't have to get so tied up with the philosophies and controversies that sometimes take away our attention from the real purpose. The onus is on us, are we being pious?" - Aisha Barkatulla, Cambridge << Click Here To Register

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