Saturday 19 January 2013

The People of Nuh (AS) and the People Today - Same Idols But Modern Names

<<Noah said, ‘My Lord, they have disobeyed me and followed those whose riches and children only increase their ruin; who have made a grand plan, saying, “Do not renounce your gods! Do not renounce Wadd, Suwa ', Yaghuth, Ya'uq or Nasr!”>> [Surah Nuh 71:21-24]

Nuh (AS) complained about his people to Allah (SWT) thousands of years ago. But people today are no different to the people of Nuh (AS) because they are also following "those whose riches and children only increase their ruin". The only difference is that people today have different names for their gods than those of the people of Nuh (AS). The gods today are not Wadd, Suwa ', Yaghuth, Ya'uq or Nasr but capitalism, liberalism, rationalism, evolution, science, 'freedom', 'progress', secularism and atheism. They have made a grand plan saying 'do not renounce these gods' or rather they have gone further by trying to impose these gods on everyone else through their economic, military, political and media might.

However, what is very clear, if we look around with the light of revelation, is that they are on a path of self-destruction similar to the people of Nuh (AS). Sooner or later they will all be drowned because they are "those whose riches and children only increase their ruin". What is even more unfortunate is that some of us Muslims are also following the same path - the path of "those whose riches and children only increase their ruin". We behave like them, we act like them and worse, we think like them. So what do we think our fate would be? No doubt we will also drown with them! Simply being born in a Muslim family would not be of help to us, as not even kinship to a prophet helped the very own son of Nuh (AS). Only those people who respond to the call of Nuh (AS) and board the ship would be saved.

The story of Nuh (AS) is a deep and powerful story that has immense relevance to the time that we are living in. His story would help us understand this world and its workings in a way that we have never thought of before. The upcoming seminar on Surah Nuh is a wonderful opportunity to study this important story in the Qur'an and discover its many lessons, under the guidance of one of the foremost scholars and thinkers of the Western world today - Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi of Oxford University, who very effectively combines traditional scholarship with modern research to have a way of thinking and teaching that is truly unique.

Surah Nuh - The Struggle of The Prophets

The Magnificent Journey

An Amazing Journey Through The Last Two Parts (Juzz Tabaarak and Juzz 'Amma) of the Qur'an, From Surah Al-Mulk to Surah An-Naas, by one of the foremost Islamic Scholars and Thinkers of the Western World today

By Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi (Oxford University)

Saturday 26th January 2013     Time: 10AM - 6PM

Venue: Cambridge University and Live Online Web Access

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