Monday 12 November 2012

Why Is The Hereafter More Obvious Than The Present Life?

"The Hereafter (Aakhirah) is more obvious than the present life although people don't realise it. Everything in this life points to The Aakhirah - it is more obvious than ones own existence. Allah (SWT) has called the resurrection and afterlife 'The Reality' and called the present life 'delusion', 'play', 'conjecture', 'diversion', 'amusement' and 'deception'..."

Today many people think that the Resurrection and the Afterlife are tales made up by the ancients to keep the society in check and to exert their authority on the general masses, and that these are superstitions in which the people should no longer believe. No doubt that the abuse of some religions have led people to this conclusion. However if one looks at the Qur'an, the Hereafter is expressed in such terms that one will have no doubt whatsoever that it is the Reality and that without it, nothing has any meaning and also that the whole universe points to that Reality. Our birth, life and death points to that reality; so is our speech; vegetation and animals; rain, thunder and storm; our self-reproaching souls; the sun, the moon, the earth and the stars; oceans and mountains - everything points to the Creator and to the Reality - The Resurrection and The Hereafter.

<<But how (will they fare) when we gather them together against a day about which there is no doubt, and each soul will be paid out just what it has earned, without (favour or) injustice?>> [Qur'an 3:25]

<<Allah! There is no god but He: of a surety He will gather you together against the Day of Judgement, about which there is no doubt. And whose word can be truer than Allah's?>> [Qur'an 4:87]

<<Look, then, at the imprints of God’s mercy, how He restores the earth to life after death: this same God is the one who will return people to life after death – He has power over all things>> [Qur'an 30:50]

We, Muslims are reminded of this Reality in every prayer when we recite Surah Al-Fatiha and say <<Master of The Day of Judgement>>. However our outlook, attitude, thinking, behaviour, aspirations and actions are not very dissimilar to the people around us who deny the Reality and say <<There is nothing except our life on this earth, and never shall we be raised up again>> [Qur'an 6:29]. Why is this so?

The forthcoming seminar on Surah Al- Haqqah - The Inevitable Reality - deals with the question of Resurrection and Hereafter that every human being must confront. It also gives us valuable clues as to why we Muslims today are seemingly not focused on the Hereafter despite being told that <<Verily the Hereafter will be better for you than the present>> [Qur'an 93:4]

This is an unmissable seminar for anyone hoping to have a greater insight in to the Hereafter and achieving inner balance that would reflect in their day-to-day life. Only 5 days to go, please register now.

The Magnificent Journey 
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The Inevitable Reality - Surah Al-Haaqqah

By Shaykh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi (Oxford University)

Saturday 17th November 2012     Time: 10AM - 6PM

Venue: Cambridge University and Live Online

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