Thursday 24 March 2011

Seminar This Saturday - FREE Guest Entry + 7 Scholarships

Assalaamu 'Alaykum

It is all happening this Saturday, InshaAllah - the unique first-of its-kind seminar MUHAMMAD pbuh - Example for The East & The West - Study of Seerah for Modern Society by Shaykh Dr Mohammed Akram Nadwi. We want as many people to benefit from these seminars. So we have made them as affordable and accessible as possible. Even so every penny you spend in the seminar is considered money spent in the path of Allah. So this is such a blessed opportunity that everyone should try to spend as much as possible without feeling any guilt, disappointment or sadness. You may also wish to know that money you spend does not profit or benefit any individual as MEOC is a non-profit organisation served entirely by volunteers.

We recognise that sometime people have financial constraints and are genuinely unable to pay the full course fees. So we have devised various schemes to help out such groups and individuals.

Advance Online Price

If people book and pay in advance then they will only pay £25 which is £5 off the full ticket price of £30 at the door.

Group of Five Discount

If groups of 5 people register and pay together (before the course) then there is a substantial discount from the door price. The group price is £90 which effectively works out to be £18 per person. This we hope would help larger families, friends and students.


We can offer a very limited number of scholarships from our Scholarship Fund. We can cover 50% of the fee for those who cannot afford the full advance course fee of £25. If someone genuinely needs support paying for the course then they may apply for a scholarship giving reasons in brief. Currently there are 7 scholarships available. Please note that this is not a special offer with a reduced price. Rather it for those who genuinely cannot afford the full price. We would appreciate any assistance (if possible) towards organisation from those who are awarded scholarships. To apply please email:

Half-Price For Children

Children and young people aged 12 - 16 years can attend at half price when accompanied with full fee paying parents.

Free Guest Entry

Free Guest Entry is for those non-Muslims you wish to bring as guests for the seminar. As an encouragement and for the benefit of non-Muslims MEOC bears the full cost of their entry from its Dawah Fund. However if you would like to pay for the guests you bring or the guests themselves would like to pay then that would be welcomed but it is not a must. So please invite and bring as many non-Muslims as possible for the seminar. They can either attend the full seminar or attend partially.

Open Session

Finally if someone is unsure about attending the whole seminar and they would like to first come and see before committing themselves then they are welcome to attend the first session (subject to availability) absolutely free of charge. However if they decide to continue then they must pay the full seminar fee.

Car Sharing

If you are travelling from outside Cambridge and would like to share the travel costs then this may be arranged. We already have individuals travelling from London, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Oxford, Canterbury/Kent, Loughborough, Luton, Manchester and Portsmouth.

Despite all of the above schemes if you still have a special circumstance and would wish to discuss then we would be happy to hear from you.


Register at:

You can read more about the seminar at:
These seminars are absolutely amazing MashaAllah and this is attested to by the numerous testimonials from the attendees. 

"If you only had a chance to attend one Seerah seminar in your life then this may be the one to attend InshaAllah"

We hope to see you on Saturday, InshaAllah.


Cambridge Islamic Sciences Seminars (CISS)

Muslim Education & Outreach Cambridge (MEOC)

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